10/03/2017 12:55 GMT

Garnier UK Responded To The Criticism Of A Photo They Shared For International Women's Day

Oh dear... 😱

International Women’s Day is about championing women of all races and backgrounds, so when Garnier UK posted a less than diverse image on Wednesday 8 March, they received a fair bit of criticism.

Featuring Davina McCall, Holly Willoughby, Angela Scanlon, Fearne Cotton, Estee Lalonde and Danielle Peazer - all ambassadors for the brand - the image was intended to celebrate women, but people commented on their failure to cover multiple ethnicities. 

Reaching out to Garnier UK for comment they provided the statement below:

“We acknowledge that this image does not represent every community and background, but we feel it features a selection of women who are inspiring.”

The statement continued:

“We know that we have a broad range of consumers of different ethnicities from all over the UK and we work with a range of spokespeople from different backgrounds to try to represent them, not just those featured in the image.

Our social media channels give us a direct link to our consumers and we value any feedback we receive - in this instance we have taken the comments on board and want to thank our consumers for raising their voices on an issue they care strongly about.”

As much as the line-up showcases a wide age-range, some people took to Twitter to voice their concern and disapproval of the image: 

We’re glad to hear that Garnier UK have taken these comments on board.