Gary Barlow To 'Play A Stormtrooper In Next 'Star Wars' Film'

The Take That star is reportedly a huge fan of the franchise.

In possibly the most random bit of casting yet in the ‘Star Wars’ franchise, Gary Barlow has reportedly won himself a role as a stormtrooper in the next film.

Gary is remaining tight-lipped, but the Sun reports that the Take That star filmed his secret cameo at Pinewood last week, though whether it can be termed an actual cameo with his face hidden behind his Stormtrooper uniform remains open to argument.

<strong>Will you be able to spot Gary Barlow in the next instalment of 'Star Wars'?</strong>
Will you be able to spot Gary Barlow in the next instalment of 'Star Wars'?

He follows in the royal footsteps of Princes William and Harry who filmed similar slots during a visit to the set last month, and also Daniel Craig who secretly filmed the role of Stormtrooper JB-007 in the first film.

A source tells the Sun that this is a dream come true for Gary Barlow who has been a longtime huge fan of the record-breaking franchise.

Fans are still waiting for the new film, due to be released next year, to be given a title. Disney bosses, who forked out a fortune for George Lucas’s company, will be hoping that it repeats the box office triumph of ‘The Force Awakens’, which tipped $1.5billion at the box office.

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