Gary Glitter Will Not Receive A Penny In Royalties After One Of His Songs Is Used In Joker

The convicted paedophile's song Rock And Roll Part 2 features in one of the hit film's key scenes.

Gary Glitter will not receive any royalties from the use of one of his songs in the Joker movie.

Film fans were shocked to discover that the disgraced singer’s song, Rock And Roll Part 2, is used prominently in one of the film’s key scenes.

In the scene, Joaquin Phoenix’s character dances on a set of steps to the song in full Joker attire.

Joaquin Phoenix plays the titular character in the box office smash.
Joaquin Phoenix plays the titular character in the box office smash.
Warner Bros

Glitter, 75, is currently serving a 16-year jail term for sexual offences against children.

Rights holders for Glitter’s back catalogue have assured filmgoers that he will not receive a penny, despite some reports suggesting he could bank a six-figure sum.

Speaking to the LA Times, the label Snapper Music, which owns Glitter’s catalogue, said: “Gary Glitter does not get paid – we’ve had no contact with him”.

Warner Bros

In the US, Universal Music Publishing Group also said it was not paying royalties to Glitter.

“Gary Glitter’s publishing interest in the copyright of his songs is owned by UMPG and other parties, therefore UMPG does not pay him any royalties or other considerations,” a spokesperson said.

Joker, which won the Golden Lion prize at the Venice film festival, has been a critical and commercial hit since its release last week, earning nearly $550m worldwide in two weeks.


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