Gemma Collins Says 'Dancing On Ice' Has Gone 'A Bit Blade Wars': 'Everyone's At Each Other'

The GC also revealed she's taking inspiration from Conor McGregor for this week's performance.

Gemma Collins has revealed that things are getting a little tense behind the scenes at ‘Dancing On Ice’, describing the situation as “a bit blade wars”.

Despite having a reputation as a light-hearted family show, The GC has claimed “everyone is at each other” ahead of the third live show.

The reality star has been at the centre of a number of rumours about supposed “diva” behaviour in the last week, and told ‘Lorraine’ on Friday she has a hunch someone from the show is responsible.

Gemma Collins
Gemma Collins
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“We sort of know where the rumour has come from,” she claimed. “But we’re just trying to get the person to admit it and stand up and apologise.”

Referring to one report which claimed she’d kept the entire crew waiting during dress rehearsals because she was napping, and another suggesting she left a live show early after saying she was “bored”, Gemma said: “I’ve got text messages, voice recordings, telephone recordings confirming I wasn’t asleep, confirming I never said I was bored.

“That person needs to speak up and say the truth as to what made them do it. The show has become a bit blade wars. Everyone is at each other.

“Hopefully the truth will come out and then we can put this to bed.”

Matt Evers and Gemma Collins
Matt Evers and Gemma Collins
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Earlier this week, Gemma’s professional partner Matt Evers insisted she was taking her training seriously, which she confirmed, adding: “I am going to be the Conor McGregor on the ice. Against all odds, I will not be defeated, I will not be beaten down. I’m coming out on Sunday Conor McGregor-style, taking it to the ice.

“I watched Conor McGregor’s film last night and I thought, ‘That’s the spirit. He don’t give up, and I’m not giving up.’ I’ve worked too hard to throw it away. It has been one hell of a week, but I am not giving up.”

Gemma will take to the ice for the second time in Sunday night’s live show, kicking off at 6pm on ITV. ‘Lorraine’ airs weekdays at 8.30am, on the same channel.

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