12 Times Gemma Collins' Diva On Lockdown Was The (Ridiculous) Tonic We Needed

The GC's new reality series could not have arrived at a better time.

Just when lockdown TV was starting to get a bit tedious, along came Gemma Collins to inject some ridiculousness into the schedules.

The GC’s new reality show, Diva In Lockdown, started on Sunday night, and it was full of quotable lines and meme-able moments that gave us all the laughs we needed right now.

The fly-on-the-wall series had to adapt when it was announced the country would be going on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic halfway through filming.

Gemma Collins
Gemma Collins

So while the first episode started with Gemma going about her business as usual, it ended with her having cameras fixed up in her Essex mansion so that we could follow her antics in isolation.

Needless to say, it was a hilarious watch...

1. Before the show had even started, she’d said this about it in an interview:

“Like Marilyn Monroe was sent out to entertain the troops in the war times, I realised that the country may need the GC for entertainment and that’s what I want to give with this series."”

2. And she really believed people were “looking to her to save the nation”

Can someone please find Gemma’s cape?

3. She kicked off her self-isolation with “seafood, prosecco and mash” and believed that’s “how Jesus must have felt on his last meal”

“I’m like a pig in shit.”

4. This came after scenes where she claimed to have had “a spiritual calling to become a vegan”

“I don’t believe in milk.”

5. She’d also ripped her dress as she met with Prince Charles at a Princes Trust event prior to the lockdown

6. Sorry, we mean “Prince Chiles”

7. She wants to be “one of his ambasindas”, apparently

8. The GC tried it on with her bathroom supplier as she rushed to get her renovations done before the lockdown started

9. She was also making a fuss over a cappuccino like she was Jill Tyrell in Nighty Night

10. In this scene (where it was also good to see Gemma offering some solid public health advice), she used “corona” as a way to say goodbye to someone

We’re officially adopting that as of now.

11. As lockdown started she found some unexpected things to keep her entertained


Gemma Collins: Diva On Lockdown continues next Sunday at 9pm on ITVBe.


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