30/08/2019 11:59 BST

Gemma Collins Claims Boyfriend Arg's 'Dog Breath' Made Her So Sick She Had To Throw Away The Toilet Seat

The GC claimed she "obliterated the bathroom".

Gemma Collins is never one to hold back when it comes to sharing what many people would usually keep to themselves – something boyfriend James “Arg” Argent has now had a reminder of. 

The GC has publicly revealed that the smell of his breath once made her so sick she “obliterated” her bathroom and had to throw away her toilet seat.

Arg was left with extreme halitosis as a result of a recent diet in a bid to lose weight, but Gemma revealed she was the one left feeling the effects the most. 

Jeff Spicer via Getty Images
Gemma Collins and James Argent

Describing how ill his “dog breath” had left her feeling – in a way that only Gemma could (“it was like a scene from Alien”) – she said on her BBC Sounds podcast: “His breath smelt so bad I was actually sick. I woke up and he breathed and said good morning and I started to retch.

“Then I spewed all over his bedroom at 6am. I retched from the bathroom, all along the landing.”

Talking about what could have been a scene from the film Bridesmaids, she continued: “I obliterated the bathroom. We had to take the toilet seat off.”

Of course, this has nothing on a particular moment from Gemma’s reality show, Diva Forever. 

Viewers were horrified earlier this month as, when suffering with an apparent yeast infection, she scratched her nether regions before urging her stylist to then sniff her hand. 

Gemma horrified fans on her reality show

“Sorry I’ve got to air it. I’ve got to itch it sorry,” she told the cameras. 

“It stinks doesn’t it? It just smells of bread,” she said, wafting her hand under her stylist’s nose.

Gemma then turned to the camera crew and asked: “Can we get a runner to go out and get me some Canesten?” 

The Gemma Collins Podcast is available to stream now.