Gemma Collins Hits Back At Joe Pasquale In Typical GC Style After He Claims She Cheated On 'Sugar Free Farm'

'I get booked to add the ACTION the DRAMA and the ENTERTAINMENT.'

Anyone who has ever watched ‘TOWIE’ will know how explosive Gemma Collins can be, so it’s no surprise then that she’s gone off at Joe Pasquale, after he claimed she cheated on ‘Sugar Free Farm’.

The pair are both currently appearing on the ITV reality series, which follows a group of celebs living on a farm together as they try to give up sugar (the clue’s in the title, really).

However, Joe angered the GC following an appearance on Tuesday’s (24 January) ‘Loose Women’, where he told hosts she secretly gorged in the middle of the night.

Gemma Collins on 'Sugar Free Farm'
Gemma Collins on 'Sugar Free Farm'

“She didn’t do a lot. She slept a lot. It’s TV gold but it’s not my bag,” Joe said on the ITV daytime show.

“She did lose weight but there was a lot of midnight snacks – cheating – she went down and cooked a load of stuff in the middle of the night.”

He also jokingly called her a big, fat pig, as he recounted a story of how one of the farmers had asked him to chose which pigs to send to slaughter.

“I said: ‘Ok, he’s a big fat one, I’ll have that’ - Gemma was hiding in the van so she didn’t get out!” he jibed.

Joe Pasquale made a number of comments about Gemma on 'Loose Women'
Joe Pasquale made a number of comments about Gemma on 'Loose Women'

Needless to say his comments did NOT go down well with Gemma, who launched into a rant on Twitter.

“Really odd that people go on tv to promote themselves yet constantly use my name and I am the topic of conversation,” she wrote.

Accusing others of cheating, she continued: “The producers are fully aware that the ones protesting constantly wouldn’t have pulled in the ratings or showed family size galaxy bars being eaten by another cast member claiming that I advised them to cheat who ate chocolate daily in secret but made out to be a saint.

“I loved doing the show and had loads of fun one of the best experiences I’ve had.

“If you all notice I’ve not been anywhere speaking any of these individuals names my life’s too busy and POSITIVE.”

Joe claimed Gemma cheated on the show
Joe claimed Gemma cheated on the show

Bigging up her contribution to the show, Gemma concluded by adding: “Let’s face it guys without me on it would have been YAWNSVILLE and clearly every interview they want to know about me.

“I get booked to add the ACTION the DRAMA and the ENTERTAINMENT that’s what makes it interesting.”

To give Gemma her due, her contributions to ‘Sugar Free Farm’ have been brilliant, although not for maybe the right reasons.

She was typically ridiculous during one task where she was asked to help erect a fence on the farm, while a later fishing trip ended in comical disaster.

‘Sugar Free Farm’ continues tonight 9pm on ITV.

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