Gemma Collins' Most Iconic Musical Moments And Singing Performances

She truly is Essex's answer to Mariah Carey.
Gemma hits the studio to record the 2011 'TOWIE' charity single
Gemma hits the studio to record the 2011 'TOWIE' charity single

If you’ve been on social media even briefly in the past few years, there’s every chance you’ll have stumbled across a Gemma Collins meme (or “memay” as she calls them) or two.

But while her diva moments and memorable one-liners are all regularly celebrated online, one area we still don’t feel gets enough credit is when it comes to her iconic musical moments.

Gemma is not one to shy away from treating her followers to a slice of her beautiful vocals, whether she’s struggling with the words to Cheap Thrills and One Dance on Snapchat, performing a sultry Shirley Bassey number in the Celebrity Big Brother house or delivering a tear-jerking showtune duet with her romantic interests.

While there were countless efforts to choose from, here are just some of our personal favourites from the GC’s back catalogue...

The Sound Of Music

She was at the bottom of a hill, and she was wearing a hat. How could someone with as much music in their soul as Gemma possibly resist giving it her best Julie Andrews? This clip was posted on social media with pretty much no context, so we’re still not really sure why she did it, all we know is we’re so grateful she did.

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Much like the legendary sirens of Greek mythology, Gemma uses her powerful vocals to lure others to join her in the water. But while sirens were usually trying to lead sailors to their irresistible songs, Gemma is channelling Jess Glynne to try and get “auntie Corinne” and “grandad Alan” to join her for a dip.


Our highlight from this clip – recorded at former co-star Harry Derbridge’s 21st birthday party – is her aside early in the song: “I’m pissed.”

We know, Gemma. We know.

Proud Mary

It’s tough to pinpoint our favourite moment from this video, recorded at a TOWIE dinner party at the GC’s house.

Although Chloe Sims’ Tina Turner moves and Bobby Norris mixing a Pornstar Martini while clinging on to his crutches are both particularly noteworthy, how could any of it compare to the vocal stylings of Gemma Collins?

At Last

Curiously, this rendition of Etta James’ signature tune, At Last, is cut short right as it reaches the high note. We can’t imagine why.

Big Spender

Gemma was not going to let the chance to show off her vocal prowess in a Celebrity Big Brother talent show pass her by, giving it her all when she took to the stage with Danniella Westbrook. Catherine Zeta Jones and Renée Zellweger, eat your hearts out.

Endless Love

It takes a truly confident vocalist to step up to the plate with a song originally recorded by greats like Lionel Richie and Diana Ross, but if anyone’s going to give it the ol’ college try, it’s the GC. Here she is taking on some karaoke in a throwback clip.

9 To 5, feat. Jonathan Cheban

A post shared by Gemma Collins (@gemmacollins1) on

Every once in a while, the planets align and two superstars get in the studio and make something truly great. Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand. Elton John and George Michael. Beyoncé and Lady Gaga.

All of those greats pale in comparison to 2017’s finest collaboration, though. GC, featuring Cheebs. Dolly Parton would be proud.

Go Into Your Dance

Proving that if you want to be a legendary performer, you need to start young, Gemma showed this throwback on her Instagram page, showing her performing this old Hollywood number, accompanied by a spot of tap-dancing.

Shape Of You

While we don’t think we’ll ever tire of the GC’s vocal stylings, this Instagram post proved she doesn’t even need to open her mouth to provide us with an iconic musical moment. Watch out, Faces, is all we can say.

Work It

But Gemma isn’t just all-singing, all-dancing and, well, all-drama. Gemma proved she can spit like the best of them – or at least have a good go – in this short clip. We’re sure Missy Elliott is shaking in her high-tops (even if Gemma is apparently a bit mixed up about her female rappers).



The first time many of us ever got to hear Gemma’s vocals was when she bought then-boyfriend Arg a singing lesson with her old teacher as a present. Together, they performed the classic ‘Somewhere’ from ‘West Side Story’, culminating in one… let’s just say “ambitious” high note. Take a listen here.

A Whole New World

Gemma and Arg performed this Disney classic during an appearance on Celebrity Juice, at a time it was heavily rumoured they’d signed up for the then-upcoming celebrity version of X Factor.

Sadly, they didn’t end up being on the line-up, but at least we’ll always have this glimpse at what could have been.

This Is Me

Celebrity X Factor didn’t beckon, but The GC did put in an appearance on another singing show when she strutted her stuff on All Together Now.

Having already performed her signature tune – Big Spender – Gemma put on a more heartfelt show with this number from The Greatest Showman, though she failed to impress panellist (and future Drag Race UK finalist) Divina De Campo.

Walkin’ In A Gemma Wonderland

What have big stars like Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey and Kylie Minogue all got in common? Well, they’ve all recorded a Christmas tune, of course.

When the festive season arrived in 2016, Gemma couldn’t resist putting her owns pin on a seasonal classic. Even when the sun is high and the sky is blue, we’ll still wish we were walking… in a Gemma… wonder-*prepares self for high note*-laaaaand.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

We still kind of can’t believe this happened, to be honest.


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