Genius 'Gender Pay Gap' Alarm Clock Rings When Women Stop Being Paid

'When a woman hears its chime, she might as well go home.'

The existence of the gender pay gap continues to boggle our minds and infuriate us in equal measure.

So we're big fans of the new '79% Work Clock'.

The spoof product serves to remind the patriarchy just how ridiculous unequal pay is.

It's based on the fact that in America, women who work full time are paid only 79% of what men make annually.

"The '79% Work Clock' lets you know when 79% of the work day has passed," the product's website explains.

"When a woman hears its chime, she might as well go home."

The clock is the brainchild of the clever folk behind MTV's Look Different campaign - an ongoing initiative to eliminate bias based on gender, race and sexuality.

"We’ve given hundreds of these clocks to people in workplaces across the country, to serve as a daily reminder that at a certain point, the gender wage gap means women aren’t being paid for their work," the website reads.

The product may be based on statistics from the US, but unfortunately, the gender pay gap is also alive and well here in the UK.

The latest statics available from the Office of National Statistics show that women in full-time employment are paid 9.4% less than men working the same hours.

What's more, when you consider the overall gender pay gap for both full and part time work, women are paid 19.2% less than men.

We'll be leaving the office at 4pm then.

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