George Galloway 'Attacked With Glitter' During Aberdeen University Event

AKA 'glitter'.

George Galloway has been subjected to assault with glitter whilst giving a talk at Aberdeen University.

The former MP and failed London mayoral candidate tweeted after the event to say he was let feeling unwell by a “unknown substance” but continued regardless.

A video of the incident shows Galloway stood at the front of the room when a group of protestors holding placards enter and throw glitter.

A small scuffle then ensues as they are ushered out.

Police were called to the event in the university’s New King’s building.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Inquiries are at an early stage and no further details are available at this time.”

Some of those who were at the event tweeted their support for Galloway and apologised for the behaviour of the protestors.

Galloway later tweeted to say he had overcome his ordeal.

Student, Ryan Houghton, who was at the event told The Press and Journal: “Basically we had six individuals who were sat at the front row after having security checks done.

“But as George started speaking they stood up and lobbed three jars of glitter over him.

“He was covered, and students intervened.

“He just continue as normal, dusted off the glitter and kept going.

“He’s taking questions and stuff. He got a round of applause when someone apologised on behalf of the students.”

Despite the threat, some questioned why Galloway was positioning himself as the defender of “Real Labour” some 13 years after his expulsion from the party.


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