George Michael's Life Celebrated In One Of His Cruising Spots

'We're showing that it's not shameful'

Hundreds have come together to celebrate George Michael’s life and his courage to be open about cruising and sexual freedom.

Gathering in a popular cruising area of Hampstead Heath, LGBT+ activists held a party to pay tribute to the late singer.

The event commemorated how Michael turned his 1998 arrest in an LA public toilet into a celebration of his sexuality.

It was held on April 8 as part of a programme of activity that marks the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1967.

Dan Glass of Queer Tours of London, who arranged the event, spoke of the importance of Michael’s openness.

“When someone dies their history gets co-opted and their legacy gets co-opted and it gets cleaned up, and actually he was so important for the LGBT+ community because of his stance on sexual freedom,” Glass said.

Watch the full feature above.


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