Budget 2016: 9 George Osborne WTF Budget Front Pages

My eyes!

George Osborne will tomorrow unveil his sixth Budget as Chancellor, and within hours Fleet Street will deliver its verdict on the his latest tax and spending plans.

As history suggests, pushing money around can actually be quite good fun. Here we pay tribute to the best Budget front pages from the Age of Osborne.

Osborne becomes Osbourne
The Sun
Still slightly lost for words a year on. Even the Chancellor admitted he "almost spilt my coffee" on seeing The Sun's handiwork last March.
Becoming Maggie
The Daily Mail
Still slightly lost for words three years on. The Mail riffed on Thatcher's "the lady's not for turning" zinger and gave the Chancellor the hairdo, power suit and pearl necklace.
Cam and Osbo's thug life
The Mirror
Vintage The Mirror in 2012. "Cruel George Osborne and David Cameron yesterday robbed the old to fund tax cuts for rich cronies," ran their intro. But it was to get worse ...
Pasty pasting
The Sun
.... a front page that came a week after the 2012 Budget - where he'd slapped a tax on the nation's favourite baked meal.
Baked off
The Sun
The inside pages were even worse: Osborne portrayed as Marie Antoinette in her "let them eat cake" pomp. Booing at the London Olympics later followed.
Spare him the cutter
The National
The National, the avowedly pro-Scottish independence start-up, sees 2015 as a Budget for ghouls. Or something.
Solar power
Daily Mail
2015, again, and for reasons only known to the Mail sub-editors the Chancellor is a Teletubbies side-kick. Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po last appeared on our screens in 2001.
Orwell that ends well
The Sun
A Budget set against a backdrop of Cold War paranoia ... sorry, a new Press regulator to be called IPSO. It made more sense at the time.
Breaking the internet
The Sun
The Scottish Sun last year likened the Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer to Kim Kardashian West. Or "George Hardcashian", apparently.
Aard(man) times
The Sun
The first whiff of the "omnishambles" Budget of 2012 has Osborne sent up as the animated favourite, who confusingly, was how Ed Miliband was also portrayed.

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