budget 2016

The levy (dubbed a 'sugar tax') will be introduced in April 2018, and will hope to generate close to £1.5 billion in the period 2018-21. The government intends to invest the tax revenue for increased physical education, extracurricular activities and breakfast clubs at schools.
We always knew that the super rich hide much of their money away, but that still does not detract from the horrifying revelations of this leak. I fear we live in a faux democracy; a society that has all the appearance of a nation that treats everyone the same, but under that veneer is an ideologically driven system, assembled to benefit those who already have it all. It remains to be seen what information will emerge if/when Cameron publishes his tax returns. But for the public, I suspect the damage is already done.
This national living wage is a great step forward. At least 1.5million people will get a pay rise, and higher earnings for those at the bottom mean a better quality of life. But it's also an outrageous trick. Calling it the 'national living wage' is wrong. It's not a living wage at all. It is simply an increase to the national minimum wage - albeit a significant one.
I didn't think twice about making my stance on the issue inescapably clear on Twitter or saying to you in this piece I'm disabled and the budget was unfair to me and those like me and I will now do everything I can to speak out against the unfairness faced by disabled people. So I guess I need to thank George Osborne for his spectacularly unfair budget because it created a new and highly motivated advocate for disabled rights. Me.
For some reason, Alex Salmond called us 'reactionary' and 'right wing' this week.
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It started with George Osborne's schoolboy braggadocio about abolishing the Lib Dems and ended with him being torn apart by the right wingers we protected him from, following a cruel and foolish budget which would never have allowed to see the light of day. Never in modern politics history has such a biter, been so painfully bit!
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