Ghostly 'Snow Kangaroos' Light Up Twitter After Unusual Storm In Australia

Some parts of New South Wales got hit by more snow than they've seen in years.

An unusual snowfall in New South Wales, Australia, over the weekend led to surreal images of kangaroos hopping through a white landscape.

The Weather Channel said some areas received up to 5 inches, along with winds of up to 70 mph.

“Not something you see every day in Australia,” tweeted one person, Stephen Grenfell, who captured some of the viral footage. “Kangaroos in the snow.”

Grenfell said on Twitter that the area in his clip is about three hours west of Sydney. And while it does snow a couple of times a year there, the weekend’s snowfall was the most he had ever seen.

Others also shared photos and footage of kangaroos bouncing through the snow on Twitter:


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