Nature and Environment

A new climate report provides a raw, stunning assessment of the world we’ve unraveled.
You probably already have this in your kitchen, TBH.
No, you don't need to leave THAT patch of your garden bare.
The 'UK's most dangerous plant' is also very common this time of year.
They've littered streets and waterways throughout the pandemic – but now, you can recycle them.
Record rains have led to heavy floods, and that's caused bugs, snakes and other critters to seek refuge.
Climate activists Pattie Gonia, Aneesa Khan, Anita Okunde and Isaias Hernandez debunk some of the common climate myths currently in debate. The campaigners set the record straight If you’ve ever heard: ‘plastic use is harmless’, ‘the environment can't be racist’, ‘carbon offsetting will save us’ or ‘it’s your fault’.
Boris Johnson's promised "green recovery" faces a major setback thanks to the government's financial priorities, say leading campaigners.