Gillian Anderson Is Now Anti-Bra: ‘I Don't Care If My Breasts Reach My Belly Button’

The star of The Crown and Sex Education got real with fans during a Q&A on her Instagram page.

Gillian Anderson has declared that she’s now freeing herself from the cumbersome, red-mark-inducing confinement of bras.

The star of The Crown opened up about allowing her breasts to breathe during a Q&A with fans on Instagram Live earlier this week.

“I’m so lazy. And I don’t wear a bra anymore. I can’t wear a bra. I can’t, no. I can’t,” the Sex Education actor said when asked about her go-to lockdown outfit during the pandemic.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t care if … my breasts reach my belly button. I’m not wearing a bra anymore. It’s just too fucking uncomfortable,” she said.

As for her clothing of choice, Gillian said she would wear “comfortable” black trackies and a black hoodie “every day” if she could.

“[It’s] probably the same as my go-to out-of-lockdown outfit,” the actor added. “I’m so lazy.”

And although many fans on Twitter celebrated Gillian’s aversion to underwire, some complained that they’d never have that luxury.

Their responses are fair, but if Gillian is going to advocate for a bra-free lifestyle thanks to the comfiness it provided her during lockdown, could she also champion sweatpants and coffee-stained T-shirts?

Just asking for a friend...


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