Girl Finds Unique Way To Make Her Dad Feel Better In Hospital

Better than a bunch of grapes🍇

Children really do have their own special ways of conveying their feelings.

One father, who is currently in hospital with pancreatitis, shared a picture on Reddit of the get well soon card he was given by his daughter.

The card isn’t just a shop-bought affair, but a special homemade effort. And in true only-a-child-could-write-that-style, Tabatha just says it how it is.

“I don’t know why, but your pancreas hates you. Just wait while the other organs teach it how to love you again,” Tabatha wrote.

“Don’t worry it’s a quick learner.”

Tabatha also included a drawing of her dad’s lungs and other organs giving his (angry looking) pancreas a hug – how thoughtful.

We think card shops should take a few pointers.