Four-Year-Old Devastated She Cheered On Wrong American Football Team, Completely Broke Down In Tears

'I forgot what one was who!'

A four-year-old American football fan was distraught when she realised she starting cheering for the wrong team by accident.

Kendall, from Louisville, US, is a die-hard Louisville Cardinals fan, just like her dad Scotty Kohler.

But during a game between the Cardinals and their rivals, Kentucky, it all got a bit too much and Kendall ended up chanting: “Go Kentucky”.

When she realised what she’d said, she couldn’t cope.

Kohler shared a video of Kendall sobbing in his arms explaining why she was upset.

“I actually cheered on the cats [Kentucky American football team] by accident,” she cried.

“I forgot what one was who. We were playing a game, I forgot what they were named.”

Luckily, Kohler was there to comfort her, stroke her hair (and remind her never to do it again).

“I was the only one who understood what she said [at first] and I understood how trivial it was and that it definitely was nothing to be that upset about,” he told BuzzFeed News.

“That was the comical aspect of it.”

Kohler said they filmed it so they could show Kendall when she’s older what a dedicated fan she was. Too right.

The video was retweeted 600 times in two days.

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