This Teenager Came Out To Her Family While Riding 'Splash Mountain' And It's So Good


A teenager has come out to her family in the best possible way - while on a water ride at Disneyland.

Gina, originally from California, was visiting “the happiest place on earth” and decided that she wanted to bite the bullet and share her news.

But not in a "dramatic" or emotional conversation over dinner.

No, instead Gina decided the best place to tell her parents she's gay was while they were plunging 50ft into darkness on a water ride.

Smart move.

As the camera flashed to capture their reactions, Gina pulled out a brilliant homemade sign that read “I’m gay” in rainbow colours.

Gina told Seventeen magazine: “I am not the type of person to have deep conversations with people and I think this is an exciting thing so I didn’t want to make it a dramatic conversation.”

Although Gina admits that she was nervous, having only devised her plan 24 hours before they left for their holiday, as soon as the picture was taken she felt relieved that it was done because she couldn't back out.

Gina said: “I was super nervous. I knew my parents and brother would be super accepting but your mind always thinks of the worst possible situations.”

So far Gina’s tweet has been liked over 8,000 times, retweeted 5,000 times and received hundreds of supportive comments.

Although many were pointing out how grumpy the other riders look - presumably they weren't expecting the photo to go viral.

Congratulations Gina on the best coming out, ever.

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