06/04/2017 09:19 BST

Little Girl Left Uncle Disturbing Gift In Envelope When She Sent Him A Letter

'This encourages me to have children.'

A little girl and her uncle have been pen pals since she learned to write her own name, but lately things went a little down hill.

Reddit user InfoSecPeezy said he and his niece hadn’t written a letter in a while and then he received his latest one in the post... with an extra gift to him. 

The letter started off very innocent, reading: “Hi there, how are you doing? I am fabulous. I have earned ten dollars and I am going to spend it all on candy.”

So far? All good. 

The letter continued: “Not much has happened but I will keep you posted. I regret to inform you that the last time I saw you I could not deliver my booger, so I will put it on the bottom of the page.”

See the bottom of the page, where she’s stuck a yellow circular sticker as a joke. We can deal with that.

And then: “Sincerely, Abigail. P.S. I farted in the envelope.”


Reddit users found it hilarious.

“This encourages me to have children,” one person wrote. “P.S. I farted on this comment.”

Another commented: “This girl in going places. She is my hero.”

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