Little Girl Leaves Dad 'Considerate' Note About Her Diarrhoea, Warning Him About 'Smelly Room'

'Do not worry, I have a towel.'

A little girl felt the need to explain to her dad exactly why her room may have had a slight pong to it.

Unfortunately, she had diarrhoea in the night.

“My room might smell like poop in the morning,” the note to her dad read.

“I now [sic] that because I have diaria (If you do not understand, soft poop). Do not worry, I have a towel just incase.”

The photo posted to Reddit by her dad ‘mysoulishome’ had more than 2,000 comments.

Parents decided to share their own toilet-related stories.

1. The child that wet herself.

2. The girl that talks openly about her farts.

3. The boy who likes to be congratulated on his bowel movements.

4. The boy who runs butt naked to poo.

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