#TakeHerHoodie: Men Get Revenge On Girls Who Have Stolen Their Hoodies

'It's time to fight back.'

Men are turning the tables on women who have stolen their hoodies, by joining a gender equalising hoodie-stealing movement.

Started by Godswill Muofhe, a 21-year-old student from Texas, US, #TakeHerHoodie encourages men to get even by posing in their girlfriends’ hoodies and posting snaps on social media.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Muofhe revealed that the idea for #TakeHerHoodie came after he saw female students tweeting it was “hoodie season”.

”Typically the girlfriend will take the man’s hoodie in the relationship when they’re cold and this reminded me of when a girl took my hoodie and never gave it back, so I said, ‘It’s time to fight back,’” he told Buzzfeed.

The reactions on social media so far show that Muofhe is most definitely not alone...

Enough is enough it's payback time #takeherhoodie

A photo posted by Mischa Kyle Moscovitch (@mischa391) on

This is our year. #takeherhoodie this is for the countless #hoodies I've lost because someone else #claimed them. #2016

A photo posted by El Zilcho (@sir.dirkus.d.scribicus.esq.vii) on

Fellas, it's time we take action against our women stealing our hoodies. Join the movement. #TakeHerHoodie

A photo posted by Sadoe Kim Fitness (@sdk_fit) on

I've decided to join the campaign for hoodie equality. #takeherhoodie

A photo posted by Stephen Buckley (@ibux12) on

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