Gloria Gaynor Washing Her Hands To I Will Survive Is All We Need To Get Through Today

Happy Birthday is so last week.

Ever since we were told to sing Happy Birthday twice whilst washing our hands to help avoid getting coronavirus there have been many (maaaaaaaany) other song suggestions.

But now, thanks to a certain 70’s disco diva, we’ve reached peak coronavirus-handwashing-song.

Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for Ms Gloria Gaynor

“It only takes 20 seconds to “SURVIVE!” the 76-year-old captioned the clip, adding the hashtag “#iwillsurvivechallenge”.

Gloria is following official advice to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

Public Health England (PHE) has continually said hand washing is key to slow the spread of coronavirus.

In order for it to be effective, use warm water and soap, rubbing between the fingers and washing for at least 20 seconds. If you’re out and about without access to a tap, hand gel can help.

If your local shop has sold out of hand gel, use good old fashioned soap and water.

Now go and wash your hands. Again.


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