Go And See 'I, Daniel Blake', Theresa May Told

Row over the film continues at PMQs.

Jeremy Corbyn has told Theresa May she should watch the Ken Loach film ‘I, Daniel Blake’, and take the Work And Pensions Secretary with her.

At Prime Ministers Questions today he said May should “take herself along to the cinema” to see the film, which examines the treatment of benefits claimants.

The Labour leader also said she should take Damian Green with her, who had “described the film as monstrously unfair, and then admitted he had never seen it”.

This follows a row between Green and the film’s director.

The work and pensions secretary had criticised the “monstrously unfair” portrayal of job centre staff in I, Daniel Blake, despite admitting he had not watched the film.

But today Loach fired back, accusing the government of being either “incompetent” or not fit to hold office.

May said that in insisting on work capability assessments, the Government was more in tune with working class people than the Labour party.

“Of course it’s important that in our welfare system we ensure those who need the support the state is giving them through that benefits system are able to access that”, she said.

“But it’s also important in our system that those in our system who are paying for it feel that the system is fair to them as well.

“That is right, that is why we need to have work capability assessments, it’s why we need to have sanctions in our system.

“Now, you have a view that there should be no assessments, no sanctions and unlimited welfare.

“I have to say to you that the Labour Party is drifting away from the views of Labour voters. It’s this party that understands working-class people.”


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