DWP says resources were "reallocated" into tackling Covid after internal review was ordered in 2018.
One woman was left with just 9p after the benefit system swallowed half of her redundancy payout.
Despite rising poverty fears and 800,000 losing their job, PM claims voters do not want ministers "focusing on welfare".
The prime minister claims billions has been invested for children – but will that money actually reach those in need?
The justifications, which range from vouchers going straight to a "crack den" to "nationalising children", have a lot of people scratching their heads.
Charities hit out at vagueness of new advice and lack of support.
Flagship Tory welfare system fails to account for weekly and fortnightly wages, report says.
Struggling mum of four children says the coronavirus crisis has revealed how our welfare system “punishes” those hit by a relationship breakdown.
Last-ditch plea comes amid fresh claims that welfare system unprepared for spike in joblessness
Anti-Brexit campaigners used judicial review to fight prorogation of parliament – but campaigners warn reform will hurt the most vulnerable.