Kate Moss To Give George Michael Fans A Peek Inside His London Home For ‘Freedom’ Documentary

The model has been given unparalleled access.

George Michael fans are set to get a glimpse of the late singer’s home life, thanks to his friend Kate Moss.

The supermodel has been spotted at George’s London home, where she is filming shots for a new documentary about the singer.

George, who was found dead on Christmas Day last year, was close to the British model, with the pair living just moments away from each other in Highgate, North London.

Kate Moss and George Michael were close friends.
Kate Moss and George Michael were close friends.

The documentary, titled ‘Freedom’, was intended to be released before the ‘Careless Whisper’ singer’s death, but is now being re-shot.


The documentary is set to air on Channel 4 later this year and will also feature footage of George’s final concert performance.

Earlier this week, Alan Carr revealed the one thing that stood in the way of him getting to meet George at his London home.

In an exclusive interview with HuffPost UK, the comedian says he was all set to meet the singer through their mutual friend Melanie Sykes.

Alan Carr and George Michael
Alan Carr and George Michael

The singer had arranged Christmas drinks, which Alan was invited to, but alas, the good old British weather scuppered their plans.

Alan explained: “Melanie Sykes was friends with him and she invited me as her plus 1 to his house for Christmas drinks. We were all set to go and I was giddy with excitement, but I don’t know if you remember that one time we had snow in London, but it came down so heavily, London became an ice rink.

“Because he lived on the top of Highgate hill he had to cancel the night as no one could get there. We were gutted, and at one point I was thinking of buying some crampons and a pair of moon boots to scale the hill to get to his house, but alas we went back to our homes disappointed.”

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