27/03/2020 16:01 GMT | Updated 27/03/2020 16:06 GMT

The Definitive Ranking Of The Stars Of Gogglebox

We've ranked the current crop of Goggleboxers, but where do your favourites end up?

Who would have thought that a TV show about people watching TV would prove to be so enduring? But seven years since Gogglebox first popped onto our screens, it is as popular as ever.

During that time, we’ve been introduced to a whole host of faces (some we’ve loved, some not so much) as they’ve shared their opinions on loads of great telly.

Everyone’s got a favourite Goggleboxer, but let’s face it, some of the current crop of armchair critics are more watchable than others. Yes, it’s all a bit meta.

Here’s our countdown...

20. Anne and Ken

Channel 4

Us neither.

19. John and Beryl

Channel 4

So posh they make Hyacinth Bucket look positively common, but they’ve been notably absent this series.

18. Bill and Josef

Channel 4

They may have been with the show since 2013, but only pop up every 10 episodes or so before going AWOL again. And they’re still sat in front of that enormous pair of breasts.

17. Alison, George and Helena (and baby)

Channel 4

Thought Silent Jay was quiet? Meet George...

16. Abbie and Georgia

Channel 4

These Geordie mates are always guaranteed to come out with some clanger on every episode. Recent highlights have included the line “I thought you could only get genital warts on your feet?”, and when they thought Your Song was originally performed by Ellie Goulding and not Elton John.

15. McCormick family (Scott, Georgia and Isaac)

Channel 4

The McCormicks haven’t featured so much of late, but we hope they’re back soon because we miss Georgia’s ever-changing hair colour and that beast of a dog.

14. Ellie and Izzi

Channel 4

These Leeds lasses have brought bag-loads of Northern wit and warmth to Gogglebox since debuting in series six, and not an episode goes by without them talking at great length about food. Any food. Same, girls. Same.

13. Amira and Iqra

Channel 4

These two London pals first joined the show in series 10 with their friend Amani, but now it’s just the Amira and Iqra show. They laugh... a lot.

12. The Michaels

Channel 4

One of the Gogglebox OGs, there’s no denying the Michaels have served up some classic moments, particularly when mum Carolyne admitted to liking having “a bit of Greek in her”, much to the disgust of son Louis.

11. Paige and Sally

Channel 4

This Brummie mother and daughter are two peas in a pod and just as likely to be laughing together as they are winding each other up.

10. The Plummer brothers

Channel 4

Who needs the Kardashians when we have this Bristolian band of brothers? -Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan have not only injected plenty of positivity and laughs into the show, but also provide the eye-candy.

9. The Siddiquis

Channel 4

They may not have garnered the same amount of press attention as some of the other families who have been with Gogglebox since the start, but the Siddiquis’ endurance is a testament to their fanbase.

8. Dave and Shirley

Channel 4

We’ve been worried about the slightly awkward way Dave sits on his sofa ever since he and Shirley joined in 2015, and tbh, it’s all we can think about every time they appear. Posture Dave, posture.

7. Stephen and Daniel

Channel 4

This is the third incarnation of Stephen and… After starting off with his best mate Chris back in 2013, an acrimonious split saw the Brighton-based hairdresser briefly joined by his mum, before his husband took over TV-watching duties last year. Nice hair.

6. Marcus, Mica, Sachelle and Shuggy

Channel 4

No nonsense, unfiltered (much to Sachelle and Shuggy’s embarrassment) and sweary, this London family couldn’t be more London if they tried. Sorry, Landaaaan.

5. The Malones

Channel 4

Seeing which sweet treat – from eclairs to fondant fancies – Julie is going to place on the pouf for her dog-loving family is undoubtedly one of the highlights of every episode, and we have never seen the same treat twice. No mean feat.

4. Mary and Marina

Channel 4

If only we all knew a pair of OAPs like Mary and Marina. They have become two of the stand-out stars of the current line-up thanks to their West Country charm, nana one-liners and inability to be shocked by anything. And yes, that is a very naughty twinkle you can see in their eyes.

3. Pete and Sophie

Channel 4

As well as an impressive collection of novelty mugs, this brother-and-sister duo find each other almost as amusing as they do themselves. As do we. And it’s always a treat to see Pete literally jump out of his own skin whenever they’re watching something scary (or a bee flies into their living room).

2. Giles and Mary

Channel 4

This pair were not an instant hit when they first debuted in 2015, but they soon won us over. Mary is in a constant state of exasperation at pretty much everything that comes out of her husband’s mouth, and while their matching wallpaper and chair has its own charm, we’re still not entirely sure what that thing with a cat’s face that’s in between their two armchairs actually is. Nutty!

1. Jenny and Lee

Channel 4

An episode of Gogglebox wouldn’t be complete without caravan-dwelling Jenny saying something ridiculous and Lee raising a (perfectly plucked) eyebrow, delivering a withering putdown and dishing out a dose of side eye. Comedy gold every. Single. Week.

Gogglebox airs Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4.