'Gogglebox' Producers Cut Peggy Mitchell's 'EastEnders' Death Scenes For Being Too Upsetting

'Producers said it was too sad for the show.'

‘Gogglebox’ producers axed a recent scene relating to the death of ‘EastEnders’ matriarch Peggy Mitchell as it hit too close to home for its cast members.

Last month, Barbara Windsor appeared in her last ever ‘EastEnders’ scenes, which saw her iconic character take her own life, after sharing with her sons that she had terminal cancer.

<strong>Barbara Windsor in her final scenes as Peggy</strong>
Barbara Windsor in her final scenes as Peggy

And while the ‘Gogglebox’ families were among the millions who sat down to watch Peggy Mitchell’s hard-hitting soap exit, the scenes were never actually shown on the Channel 4 show, as they sparked too emotional a reaction.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Lynne McGarry - who appears on ‘Gogglebox’ with her husband and son, Pete and George - admits: Pete broke down because he thought of how him and his brother felt when they lost their mum. The producers said it was too sad to show.

<strong>Lynne with her family<br></strong>
Lynne with her family
Channel 4

‘EastEnders’ fans have some more emotional scenes ahead, when the residents of Walford gather to say goodbye to Peggy Mitchell at her funeral, which is set to air on Monday, 4 July.

Both Ross Kemp and Danniella Westbrook will be returning to the soap to reprise their roles as Peggy’s son and daughter, Grant and Sam Mitchell, though it’s thought they won’t be appearing on screen together.

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