36 Times Gogglebox Had Us Absolutely Roaring With Laughter

Here are just some of the hit Channel 4 show's funniest moments ever.

Sometimes we think Gogglebox should be renamed Gigglebox, as quite frankly it’s one of the funniest things on TV.

Every week, we find ourselves in stitches at the antics of the participants – and more often than not, it doesn’t even have anything to do with the shows they’re supposed to be commenting on.

From Lee tricking Jenny into eating a dog biscuit and Sandra accidentally whipping herself in the face, to the antics of the late and much-missed Leon and June, and Marina’s graphic description of her visit to a strip club, hilarity is always guaranteed with this lot.

Here are just some of the show’s funniest moments ever...

1. When Lee mistook Jenny’s face mask as a dip for his crisps

2. When Marina told Mary why she’d chosen to have a Brazilian wax before her holiday

3. When Sandra accidentally electrocuted herself with a fly swatter

4. When the Malones’ dog Dave headbutted Tom in the face

5. When Pete’s FitBit inadvertently revealed to his sister Sophie that he’d been enjoying some late night ‘alone time’

6. When Carolyn shocked her kids by saucily admitting she’d “had some Greek in her”

7. When Leon left someone a typically cheeky message on their answering machine

8. When Rylan’s mum Linda had a “pot pourri” mix up

9. When Giles had to cut a tangled brush out of Mary’s hair

10. When Jenny set off a confetti cannon while looking for some air freshener

11. When Marina regaled Mary with tales of her visit to a strip club in some detail

12. When the Siddiquis took the mick out of Umar’s crush on Kate Middleton

13. When Jenny bought an eye mask to sleep in, but it had holes in it (and it also looked like a gimp mask)

14. When Kate and Graham’s dog went rogue

15. When Linda questioned whether “didn’t” is actually a word (it is)

16. When Dave the dog had absolutely no time for PPE

17. And when Jenny also got rather confused while trying to take precautions against coronavirus

18. When Tom totally nailed Boris Johnson’s confusing lockdown speech

19. When Sandra hit herself in the face with a whip

20. When Stephen uttered this immortal line

21. When Steph said this to Dom

22. When Lee caught Jenny having a nap during her beauty regime

23. When Pete and Sophie absolutely lost it over a spider

24. When Leon absolutely tore into David Cameron

25. When Sandra got a bit windy

26. And when Jenny did too

27. When George’s shoe ruined Pete’s takeaway

28. When Rylan’s mum couldn’t say “chocolate”

29. When Julie Malone discovered why children and vacuums do not mix

30. When Leon proved why June should never have trusted him to wrap the Christmas presents

31. When Denise Van Outen’s “fluffy bits” became a topic of conversation

32. When Jenny told Lee all about her “fanny flannel”

33. When Leon and June couldn’t find the remote

34. When Mary and Marina tried (and failed) to take a selfie

35. When Pete had a hilarious sofa-related accident

36. And last, but by no means least, when Lee tricked Jenny into eating a dog biscuit


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