Jenny And Lee's Sex Shop Chat Summed Up Everything We Love About Gogglebox

The new series of Gogglebox got off to a truly perfect start.
Jenny and Lee were back on our screens on Friday night
Jenny and Lee were back on our screens on Friday night
Channel 4

God it feels good to have Gogglebox back in our lives, doesn’t it?

After a month off, everyone’s favourite fly-on-the-wall reality show returned to our screens for its 19th series on Friday night, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

True to form, the moments that had us howling weren’t necessarily the cast’s commentary on the past week of telly, but the in-between moments where we get to know them a bit better.

And this week, Jenny and Lee gave us another classic.

During the episode, Jenny gave her pal a souvenir from her recent trip away to Benidorm, leaving Lee laughing out loud when he unwrapped a wonky rainbow mug emblazoned with the message, “I’m so gay I can’t even drink straight.”

“Do you like it?” she asked, while Lee laughed his head off on the sofa next to him.

“I saw it in a sex shop!” Jenny then disclosed, prompting a stunned silence from her friend, who then questioned: “What was you doing in a sex shop in Benidorm?!”

“I was looking… I saw it… I saw it in the window!” she then protested.

The pair of BFFs are now one of Gogglebox’s longest-serving armchair experts, having been sharing their thoughts on the past week of TV from the comfort of Lee’s caravan since 2014.

In that time, they’ve been responsible for some truly unforgettable moments, including Lee mistaking Jenny’s face mask for a tortilla dip, and Jenny accidentally setting off a party cannon while on the hunt for air freshener.

Gogglebox airs every Friday night at 9pm on Channel 4.


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