Gogglebox's Scarlett Moffatt Reveals A Very Bizarre Celebrity Crush

We certainly didn't see this one coming...

Gogglebox’s Scarlett Moffatt has revealed details a seriously weird celebrity crush.

The professional couch potato confessed that she has the hots for Professor Stephen Hawking, during an interview with Heat magazine.

<strong>Scarlett Moffatt has revealed her weird crush</strong>
Scarlett Moffatt has revealed her weird crush
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The 25-year-old was chatting about her life as a single girl when she made the revelation.

“I do have a crush on Fred Sirieix from ‘First Dates’, and Stephen Hawking,” she said.

When pressed on on it further, she explained: “I just want someone funny and hard-working.”


<strong>Scarlett fancies a bit of Stephen Hawking</strong>
Scarlett fancies a bit of Stephen Hawking
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On the other end of the scale, Scarlett also revealed the celebs that she’s not a fan of.

“There are only two people that I really dislike,” she said. “Tess Daly and Jamie Oliver.

“They might really dislike me too, but I’m not arsed, I’m not arsed at all.

“Tess totally ruins ‘Strictly’ for me. I have to record it so I can fast-forward through her.”

<strong>Scarlett is not a fan of Tess Daly</strong>
Scarlett is not a fan of Tess Daly
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Addressing reports about Tess's relationship with husband Vernon Kay, and the fact he was accused of sending messages to Page 3 girl Rhian Sugden, six years after he was caught up in a sexting scandal with her.

“Yeah I do feel a bit sorry for her,” she said. “I’d not let him have a phone. I’d give him a walkie-talkie and say, ‘This is how me and you can correspond with each other, you don’t need to message anyone else.’

“But to be honest, I really like Vernon. I’m on his side a little bit,” she added.

Read the full interview with Scarlett in this week’s Heat magazine, out now.