Stephen Hawking

Including script notes from Professor Stephen Hawking and last minute jokes for Ed Sheeran.
Royal Mint have unveiled a new 50 pence piece. The limited edition black hole design is in commemoration of Professor Stephen Hawking. But you better act quick, some versions have already sold out.
The £750 gold version is already sold out and on eBay for £2000.
Over 200 celebrities, politicians and public figures support the move
She'll take the reins for one day in the run-up to Christmas.
The Bank of England has asked members of the public to nominate scientists they think should be on the new £50 note. Early favourites include physicist Stephen Hawking, the first computer programmer Ada Lovelace and chemist Rosalind Franklin. You can’t, unfortunately, vote for Doctor Who.
Stephen Hawking or the “grandmother of computing” Ada Lovelace are early favourites.
While we know that technology can bring us much needed social and scientific advancements, we must always keep in mind the dangers that, if left unchecked, it can reap upon our humanity