30/05/2017 15:19 BST

Why Golden Freckles Are The New Beauty Mark Of 2017

The girl with the golden touch ✨

For many beauty aficionados out there the sun’s arrival this summer will be accompanied by the appearance of a smattering of beautiful freckles. 

As glitter continues to storm summer trend forecasts, metallic and oh-so-shiny temporary freckle tattoos are proving to be the beauty mark of 2017. 

With their delicate appearance and subtle shimmery shine, we’re certain golden freckles will be on show at every festival across Europe in the coming months.  

People have taken to Instagram to show exactly how they’re styling the metallic makeup, with many turning to Mr. Kate - a brand founded by Kate Albrecht, for their foil freckles. 

Scroll down to take a look at the ways in which this Instagram-worthy trend is being paired with inspirational ensembles and ‘dos. 

Ready for the day with my #goldenfreckles IM OBSESSED. This is the new make up

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This is the death of all tears for you. 🖤 🖤🖤 #facepaint #artistsoninstagram

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