Beautiful Film About 'Growing Up Differently' Unites World In Wake Of Orlando Shooting

Love wins

In the wake of the tragic Orlando shooting last week, filmmaker Kai Stänicke shared a short film called ‘Golden’ which has touched hearts across the globe.

The video follows a young golden-coloured boy as he grows up. In his early years he seems happy, but during his teens and early adulthood he looks alienated and uncomfortable in himself.

When he comes across another golden person, and another, and another, he soon realises that this is who he is. And he becomes happier knowing that.

Stänicke said a friend of his asked him to share the film following the horrendous Orlando nightclub attack.

“If it can spread just a tiny bit of love in these devastating times, the film fulfilled its purpose,” he wrote on Facebook.

“Wherever you are and no matter how tough times are right now: you are never alone. You have a place in life and together we [are] gonna make sure it’s a safe one.”

In response to the touching video, Mike Buonaiuto said: “Incredibly powerful stuff. A week after #Orlando, I don’t think I’ve seen something so polished yet so poignant in such a long time. Beautiful.”

While Walt Walters wrote: “This was absolutely beautiful. I got teary-eyed from watching it!”

[H/T Pink News]

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