orlando shooting

Perhaps many of us will be glad to see the back of 2016. But it's important to differentiate between national/international events and the events in our own individual lives, many of which, hopefully, will be positive.
Katy Perry made an emotional promise to one of the survivors of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shootings during a surprise appearance
In the late hours of Wednesday night one woman died and five others were injured in a horrific stabbing in central London. Even after these facts were known, #PrayForLondon was top UK trend on Twitter. It's about time we tried something different.
Some of the world’s biggest stars have come together to create a tribute track, in honour of the 49 victims of last month’s
/p> In this piece I tackle the most common fallacies propounded by apologists in their hypocritical attempt at dissociating religious ideology from acts of terror.
On June 12, 2016, the world lost one of its most passionate Star Wars fans. On that day, 49 voices cried out and were silenced by hate. One of them was my best friend, Christopher Andrew "Drew" Leinonen. He and I bonded over many things, but nothing brought us together like Star Wars...
All money raised by the screenings will go to Stonewall.
In the wake of the tragedy in Orlando earlier this month, Odeon Cinemas will hold special charity screenings of hit British