Orlando Shooting Victim Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo's Grandmother Comforted By Passengers On JetBlue Flight

'Some just said they were sorry, some touched her hand, some hugged her, some cried with her.'

An entire plane of passengers comforted a grieving woman whose grandson was murdered in the Orlando shooting attack, a flight attendant has revealed.

Kelly Davis Karas, was working on a JetBlue flight to Orlando when the grandmother of Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo, who died after Sunday's shooting, was travelling to be with the rest of her family.

Karas said staff tried to make sure Ocasio-Capo's grandmother felt as comfortable and supported as possible during the flight.

But when Karas passed around some paper to give other passengers the chance to send her a message of support, she was overwhelmed by their response.

<strong>Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo was killed in the Pulse nightclub shooting</strong>
Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo was killed in the Pulse nightclub shooting

In a post on Facebook, she said: "I had the idea to pass around a piece of paper to everyone on board and invite them to sign it for this grieving grandmother. I talked it over with Melinda and she started the process from the back of the plane. As we took beverage orders, we whispered a heads up about the plan as we went.

"Halfway through, Melinda called me, 'Kel, I think you should start another paper from the front. Folks are writing paragraphs'. So I did. Then we started one in the middle. Lastly, running out of time on our hour and fifteen minute flight, we handed out pieces of paper to everyone still waiting.

"When we gathered them together to present them to her, we didn't have just a sheet of paper covered in names, which is what I had envisioned. Instead, we had page after page after page after page of long messages offering condolences, peace, love and support. There were even a couple of cash donations, and more than a few tears.

"When we landed, I made an announcement that the company had emailed to us earlier in the morning to use as an optional addition to our normal landing announcement, which states "JetBlue stands with Orlando." Then with her permission and at the request of a couple of passengers, we offered a moment of silence in Omar's memory.

"As we deplaned, every single person stopped to offer their condolences. Some just said they were sorry, some touched her hand, some hugged her, some cried with her. But every single person stopped to speak to her, and not a single person was impatient at the slower deplaning process."

Ocasio-Campo, known as Omar to family and friends, died after the shooting at Pulse nightclub.

The 20-year-old Starbucks worker was described as "very outgoing" by co-worker 70-year-old Claudia Mason.

She told the Associated Press: "His sense of humor was definitely his defining personality trait.

"Omar got along with everyone. Young, old, male, female, gay, or straight, it didn't matter to Omar."

More than 50 people were injured and 49 died after Omar Mateen opened fire at Pulse during the early hours of Sunday morning.

Mateen, who was killed in a shootout with police, was armed with an AR-15 assault type rifle, a handgun and an explosive device.

It is the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

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