31/05/2016 12:02 BST

Piers Morgan Says Susanna Reid Deserves More Credit For 'Good Morning Britain' Role

'It is not just about choosing a nice dress or a pair of shoes, you are talking about a very well trained journalist.'

Piers Morgan has once again spoken out in defence of his ‘Good Morning Britain’ co-host Susanna Reid, insisting there’s more to her job than many of us might think.

Although they have something of a love/hate relationship on screen, it’s clear Piers has the upmost respect for Susanna behind the scenes, telling Square Eyes (via The Mirror): “What the viewer doesn’t see is that it is not just about choosing a nice dress or a pair of shoes, you are talking about a very well trained journalist who I see in every commercial break talking to producers about changing headlines, pictures, the running order of stories.

“All the time, trying to improve the show in real time. That is dedication. And I have worked with lots of people who don’t have that streak in them.”

Ken McKay/ITV/Rex
Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid

He’s also described his co-presenter as “a beautiful woman at the top of her game”, adding that their on-screen spats can add a “little bit of spark” to the show.

Piers has repeatedly defended Susanna in the media during his year on ‘GMB’, including when she was accused of “flirting” with male guests on the daytime show.

He insisted last year: “Whereas I can happily flirt with a guest and it’ll be a case of ‘cheeky ol’ Piers’, it is used as a stick with which to beat Susanna.

“It completely demeans and ­diminishes her role to that of a silly woman flirting with David Beckham whereas the reality is she is a very accomplished broadcaster having a bit of fun with a national treasure.”

Susanna recently opened up about her often-tumultuous working relationship with Piers, saying: ““Piers Morgan is both brilliant and infuriating. And he knows I think that about him.

“I absolutely adore him in many, many ways and at other times I want to kill him.”

‘GMB’ airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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