Google Actually Confused Bill Cosby And Kevin Hart

Epic fail

If you Google "Bill Cosby net worth" expect to be surprised.

The search engine is serving up Kevin Hart's face next to the figure $400 million and a description that reads "Bill Cosby has an estimated net worth of $400 million." Oh dear.

Google Confuses Kevin Hart and Bill Cosby
Google Confuses Kevin Hart and Bill Cosby
Huffington Post UK

The 36-year-old stand up comedian spotted the error and tweeted: "Oh @google can you please take my picture off of "Bills Cosby's" net worth search....Thanks in advance guys!!!! Appreciate ya."

While the incident certainly gave Twitter a few "lols," Google has not yet responded to Hart's request.

In an epic fail last year, the search giant's algorithm mislabelled African Americans as 'gorillas.'

According to Yahoo Tech Jacky Alcine, a 21-year old New Yorker, accidentally discovered that his Google Photos account had generated a folder titled 'Gorillas', which to his surprise contained only images of him and his friend from 2013 -- no gorillas.


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