08/02/2018 15:56 GMT

Gordon Ramsay Is Now On Alexa And Is Crushing People's Cooking Dreams


Gordon Ramsay has for some time now been offering a bespoke service on Twitter where he will, for free, absolutely demolish your aspirations of becoming a world-class chef.

Well now he’s branching out into your home with his very own Alexa skill on the Amazon Echo.

All you need to do is download the Alexa App and then ask it what you think of your meal.

The results are....well they’re pretty brutal.

How to download the Gordon Ramsay Alexa skill

If you have an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Show then you can download this skill onto your device.

Simply go to the Alexa app on your smartphone and search for Gordon Ramsay in the ‘Skills’ section.

Once it’s installed all you have to do then is ask:

“Alexa, ask Gordon Ramsay what he thinks about my scrambled eggs.”

Now don’t say we didn’t warn you.