13/02/2017 01:39 GMT | Updated 13/02/2017 08:11 GMT

Grammys 2017: Adele Delivers Stunning 'Hello' Performance, A Year After Technical Difficulties Plague Rendition Of 'All I Ask'

Nailed it!

Opening the show is never an easy job, so Adele had her work cut out for her as she took to the stage at this year’s Grammys.

The chart-topping singer was the first of this year’s A-list talent to perform on Sunday night (12 February), singing her staple hit ‘Hello’ - which had been nominated for Record Of The Year and Song Of The Year - at the beginning of the show.

The pressure was particularly on for Adele, though, as last year’s ceremony saw her delivering one of the shakiest performances of her career, as her number was hit by technical difficulties.

Following her rendition of ‘All I Ask’ last year, she admitted that she had spent the whole next day crying, blaming a faulty microphone, which had dropped onto a piano.

Jeff Kravitz via Getty Images
Adele performs at the Grammys

This time around, though, there were no issues, and while it may not have been the most elaborate or show-stopping performance of all time, there was no arguing with her stellar vocals.

As she reached the song’s climax without any technical hitches, she even jokingly wiped her brow, relieved to have avoided last year’s problems.

As well as performing during the ceremony, Adele was nominated for five awards at this year’s Grammys, including the all-important Record Of The Year and Album Of The Year, both of which saw her going head to head with Beyoncé.

Other stars to perform over the course of the night included Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, who hit the stage with rock legends, Metallica.

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