100-Year-Old Man Holds Dying Wife's Hand In Final Act Of Love

They were married for 77 years.

This photograph of a 100-year-old man holding his 96-year-old wife’s hand before she passed away will undoubtedly bring you to tears.

The tender moment shows the elderly couple, who were married for 77 years, in twin beds next to one another.

The grandfather is under a blanket which poignantly says “I love you”, while his wife is lying asleep in the other bed. They are holding hands.

The heart-wrenching photo was shared on Reddit by ‘RealLiveGirl’.

She captioned the image: “My Grandma, 96, with my Grandpa, 100, hours before her death this weekend. 77 years of marriage.”

The photo, showing the couple’s final act of love, has touched many.

One Reddit user wrote: “Sorry for your loss. But what a ‘great’ way to go. Holding hands with your spouse, in a warm bed, presumably with loved ones around.

“Sympathy to your Grandfather who lost his lifelong wife. God bless all around.”

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