21/08/2018 08:45 BST | Updated 21/08/2018 11:49 BST

'Great British Bake Off' 2018 Contestants Revealed With A Techno DJ And Mental Health Worker Entering Tent

Who will impress Prue and Paul?

Channel 4

This year’s batch of ‘Great British Bake Off’ contestants have been unveiled, ahead of the new series. 

The dozen amateur bakers who will be entering the tent for the Channel 4 show include a techno DJ and a mental health worker, in the most varied line-up yet. 

They will be competing week-by-week in a series of challenges, in the hope of impressing judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith

Hosts Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding will also be on hand to provide a congratulatory hug after a brilliant bake, or lend a shoulder to cry on after a cookery calamity. 

With only a week to go until the baking behemoth returns to our screens, get to know all the new contestants a little better below...

  • Manon
    Channel 4
    Age: 26

    Occupation: Software project manager

    Did you know? Manon was born in France but only discovered her passion for baking when she moved to London. 
  • Rahul
    Channel 4
    Age: 30

    Occupation: Research scientist

    Did you know? Rahul moved to the UK seven years ago on a university scholarship, and has developed a fusion style of baking.
  • Terry
    Channel 4
    Age: 56

    Occupation: Retired

    Did you know? Terry is a former cabin crew member and also worked as a prosthetic technician.
  • Ruby
    Channel 4
    Age: 29

    Occupation: Project manager

    Did you know? Ruby says she was inspired by her mother's Indian sweets as a child.
  • Luke
    Channel 4
    Age: 30

    Occupation: Civil servant/Techno DJ

    Did you know? Sheffield-born Luke has been baking for 20 years.
  • Imelda
    Channel 4
    Age: 33

    Occupation: Countryside recreation officer

    Did you know? Imelda applied for the show after being inspired by her mum, who taught her how to bake.
  • Jon
    Channel 4
    Age: 47

    Occupation: Blood courier

    Did you know? Jon is a father of four and loves to bake for his family.
  • Antony
    Channel 4
    Age: 30

    Occupation: Banker

    Did you know? Antony says he learned his baking skills from his father.
  • Briony
    Channel 4
    Age: 33


    Did you know? She learned all her baking skills from watching YouTube videos.
  • Karen
    Channel 4
    Age: 60

    Occupation: In-store sampling assistant

    Did you know? Karen's baking is inspired from the 15 years she owned a house in France with her husband. 
  • Kim-Joy
    Channel 4
    Age: 27

    Occupation: Mental health specialist

    Did you know? Born to an English father and Malaysian-Chinese mother in Belgium, Kim-Joy grew up in London before moving to Leeds, and says her heritage is reflected in her baking.
  • Dan
    Channel 4
    Age: 36

    Occupation: Full-time dad

    Did you know? Dan has spent the last six years looking after his children but says he now wants to enter the tent as something for himself.

‘The Great British Bake Off’ begins next Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4. 

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