11/10/2017 10:31 BST | Updated 11/10/2017 16:51 BST

'Great British Bake Off': Paul Hollywood's Tan Is All Anyone Can Talk About During Italian Week

'Welcome to The Great British Fake Bake Off'

The Great British Bake Off’s first ever Italian Week was somewhat overshadowed on Tuesday (10 October) night, as it was not the baked goods who had viewers talking, but rather Paul Hollywood’s fake bake. 

The breadmaker wouldn’t have looked out of place on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, as he judged the latest episode of the Channel 4 show rocking a noticeably orange hue. 

Channel 4
Paul Hollywood's  tan was attracting rather a lot of attention

Even presenter Noel Fielding couldn’t help but comment on his co-star’s colouring, quipping he could tell a contestant’s cannoli was done as it matched the shade of Paul’s hands.

Over on Twitter, Paul’s tan also attracted rather a lot of attention. 

Some questioned whether the saturation on their telly was off, or if he’d paid a visit to the same tanning booth as Ross from ‘Friends’

Paul later responded to the comments on Twitter, claiming it was working next to Noel that had made him look so pale:

Aside from tanning disasters, Italian Week proved to be a catastrophe for Yan, who became the latest baker to leave the tent. 

Her signature round offering was underbaked, while Pruce went on to brand her “ugly-atelle” showstopper “a bit of a mess”.

‘The Great British Bake Off’ continues next Tuesday (17 October) at 8pm on Channel 4. 

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