05/10/2016 21:22 BST | Updated 06/10/2016 11:16 BST

'Great British Bake Off' Review: Desserts Week Made For A Multiple Showstopper Meltdown

Only three episodes left of 'GBBO' on the BBC.

A hot day in the tent made for a collective meltdown in the showstopper challenge, as every one of the six remaining bakers struggled to produce the perfect mousse in this week’s Desserts Week.   

Only Andrew made good with his ferris wheel full of mousses which, added to his technical prowess, ensured he was a shoo-in for Star Baker. 

In a first for ‘Great British Bake Off’ - with only three episodes left on the BBC (sob!) - Bread Week’s Star Baker will not be making it to the final. Tom made a good case for why his signature bake roulade looked like a bit of old tree, but when he started piping his mousse, well, Mary’s face said it all… 

Andrew's Ferris Wheel of mousses alone withstood the heat of the tent

Who do you think will be crowned this year’s Great British Baker? Let us know below… 

The 5 best things about this week’s episode of ‘GBBO’...

1. Paul sounding not entirely encouraging. “It will be… interesting.” “Do you mean interesting, or interesting?” “Errr…”

2. Mary Berry’s approving wink when Benjamina mentioned the magic word “rum” for her roulade. 

Just not up to scratch - Tom's millionaire's roulade didn't have quite the look the judges were after

3. Sue Perkins declaring “you don’t get posher than a Viennetta, my darling.” Cue that particular retro iced dessert trending on Twitter.

4. The way Selasi pronounced ‘suuugaar’. Give that man a series. 

5. Jane counting out her gelatin sheets like she was playing poker. 

‘Great British Bake Off’ continues on BBC One. Who do you think should be christened this year’s champion?

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