bake off

The Alien actor said the show’s “expression of diversity” made her proud to be “half-English”.
Judge Prue Leith told one of the bakers they were "off their head" with one particularly unique flavour combo.
The whole thing put some viewers in mind of a certain infamous Friends episode.
Will any future finalist refuse to kiss Noel's spatula again? We think not.
The TV star won’t be making the same mistake on her new show, Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker.
The Brokeback Mountain star says he is “mesmerised” by judge Prue.
The chart-topping singer admitted she was getting "all hot and bothered" during her appearance on Celeb Bake Off.
The starter has been fed by bakers in the Cotswolds for generations – and has long outgrown its original jar.