‘Great British Bake Off’: Where Is Sue Perkins? Presenter Misses Episode For The First Time Ever

Prior to this, Sue had never missed an episode in the show's six-year history.

Wednesday (31 August) night’s ‘Great British Bake Off’ is missing Sue Perkins for the first time in the show’s six-year history.

But bosses have assured viewers that there are no issues, with reports stating that Sue missed filming due to a family bereavement.

Don't panic - Mel and Sue will be back together next week!
Don't panic - Mel and Sue will be back together next week!
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While the duo usually appear on TV together, this isn’t the first time Mel has gone it alone.

Earlier this year she hosted ‘Eurovision: You Decide’, the hunt for the UK’s 2016 entry, before providing an alternative to Graham Norton’s commentary on the main event, with Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills.

‘Bake Off’ fever has already swept the country again, and last week’s opening episode was watched by over 11 million viewers.

The episode wasn’t without controversy though, and Paul Hollywood was at the centre of an online debate when he did the unthinkable with a jaffa cake.

A number of viewers also complained about the fact the infamous squirrel from the title credits has been dropped for a pheasant.


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