03/08/2017 14:45 BST

‘Great British Bake Off’ Trailer: Channel 4 Reveal Animated Promo Clip

But there's not a judge or presenter in sight.

Channel 4 has revealed the first trailer for its all-new ‘Great British Bake Off’, and it’s just as wonderfully odd as the the BBC’s previous efforts.

While the show itself has always been known for the cakes (obviously), baked alaska-related drama and the contestants’ support for each other, the promo clips have always been a little field.

Remember the Mary Berry does ‘Sound Of Music’ one? Our point exactly.

Channel 4
Croissants with faces because why not 

The clip appears to reflect the fact the show will have more “modern and surreal” humour.

The network’s boss Jay Hunt previously said: “We’ve got a new tone to it, it’s got a new comic riff to it.

“I think that feels modern and future facing. So it’s a show that a lot of people love, but with a slight Channel 4 spin which is exactly what I hoped it would be.

Channel 4

Channel 4’s new video is as chipper as the BBC’s efforts, but anyone hoping for the first glimpse at the new team together will be left feeling disappointed.

Instead of giving us a sneaky look at Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith, Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig in the ‘Bake Off’ tent, the whole clip shows animated baked goods.

Now, we’re not saying it’s a bad trailer - but a peek at the presenters and judges would’ve been nice, wouldn’t it?

There’s no word yet on exactly when ‘Bake Off’ will air and the teaser simply promises that it’s “coming soon”. 

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