Great White Shark Breaks Into 'Shark Proof' Cage As Diver Is Trapped Inside

'Oh my God'.

This is the terrifying moment a Great White Shark smashes its way into a supposedly ‘shark proof’ cage as a diver was trapped inside.

The footage, shot near Guadalupe Island, Mexico, by photographer and adventurer Buck Forester, shows the four-metre-long predator emerge out of the top of the cage as operators watch on in horror.

One stunned onlooker can heard exclaiming “oh my God” as staff quickly open the top of the cage.

<strong>The shark enters the shark proof cage</strong>
The shark enters the shark proof cage
Gabe and GarrettYouTube

The shark appears to thrash around for several seconds as those watching ask “Is it inside?” and “Is he in the cage?”

The fish is clearly distressed and is bleeding from wounds to its sides. Moments later it exits the cage and swims away.

A man then asks “Was there anybody in there?”

Staff then pull the “experienced” diver out of the cage, who appears shocked but unhurt.

People on the boat are seen clapping and cheering as he climbs aboard.

“Gosh, gee, he’s ok,” a man is heard saying.

<strong>The shark was bleeding after breaking into the cage</strong>
The shark was bleeding after breaking into the cage
Gabe and Garrett

It is not known when the incident happened but Forester posted the video of the close-call on YouTube and his Facebook page on Thursday. Usually he just posts updates about his sons Gabe and Garrett.

Writing on Facebook, Forester, said “this is not our normal type of video”, then went on to explain how the shark managed to enter the cage with “experienced dive instructor (who) remained calm”.

“Great white sharks are awesome and what appears to be an ‘attack’ on a diving cage is not.

<strong>The diver later emerges from the cage unhurt as he receives a round of applause</strong>
The diver later emerges from the cage unhurt as he receives a round of applause
Gabe and GarrettYouTube

“They are temporarily blinded when they open their mouths, so when the shark went for the tuna bait on the rope it accidentally slammed into the cage. They can’t swim backwards so it thrust forward through the cage with a diver inside.”

Forester said no one was injured “and after a dramatic half minute, the diver emerged safely”.

“He (the diver) ended up outside the bottom of the cage, looking down on two great white sharks. The diver is a very experienced dive instructor, remained calm, and when the shark thrashed back outside the cage, the diver calmly swam back up and climbed out completely uninjured.”

He added: “The crew on the boat did an outstanding job doing their best to make sure it had this happy outcome. These sharks are amazing creatures to be seen up close!”