Greens 'Most Influential Party Of 21st Century,' Claims Co-Leader Jonathan Bartley

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The Greens will be the “most influential party” of the 21st Century, the party’s co-leader Jonathan Bartley will claim on Monday.

Speaking to his party’s annual conference in Harrogate, Bartley is expected to say anti-austerity politics is now the mainstream thanks to the Greens.

“Where we lead, others follow. Our London Assembly members forced a Living Wage. Our MEPs stood up for refugees when others stood back. And in Parliament, we have consistently kept climate change on the agenda,” he will say.

“And you know what. I believe we will be the most influential party in twenty first century politics.”

Bartley, who is co-leader of the party alongside its MP, Caroline Lucas, will attack Labour from the left - accusing it of agreeing to public sector cuts were needed in the wake of the crash.

“We warned that the system was unsustainable. And then there was the financial crisis. In 2010 we were told by the Tories, by Labour, by the Lib Dems - that austerity was the only answer. We said no. And we kept saying no,” he will say.

“We joined UK uncut on the streets. We marched to Downing Street. We bravely dared to be different. And seven years later the agenda has changed.

He will add: “We have changed the minds of other parties on fracking and we are changing the debate about a universal basic income. Other parties might flirt with changing the economy. Or the welfare system. But we are the only Party that is honest about how much things need to change.”

In an interview with HuffPost UK ahead of the conference, Lucas criticised Theresa May for a “a complete failure to address the overwhelmingly important issues of the day”.

“On housing, for example, the idea that an extra five thousand council houses a year is really going to go anywhere towards addressing the absolute housing crisis that we face is just for the birds and a demonstration of just how out of touch the Tories are,” she said.


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