jonathan bartley

This is our chance to prevent millions from falling into destitution, writes Jonathan Bartley.
Vouchers are part of the problem not a solution. They perpetuate an old system which is simply unsustainable, Jonathan Bartley writes.
Left wing group accuses PM of being willing to "exploit" economic crisis to reshape UK ahead of "deregulatory" US trade deal.
The Committee on Climate Change report proves Westminster is not fit for purpose. To tackle our climate crisis, we have to tackle our political crisis, writes Green co-leader Jonathan Bartley
“We are ready for the best election we have ever had," party leaders say in wake of climate protests and local election gains.
They have promised to champion a second Brexit referendum.
We’re calling for Proportional Representation, so that seats actually match votes and everyone has a vote that matters equally
The press is meant to challenge the government and tackle big issues. On this occasion they have been complicit in glossing over a scandal in British life and I only hope that they will have learned their lesson.
Britain prides itself on its democracy and on the ideas and new discoveries that are made and promoted by our universities. In that spirit we should be keeping all options on the table, remain open to the idea of changing our minds or our approach, and give the public the facts rather than hiding behind a decision we may live to regret.